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Payment Gateway


Payment gateway is a service provider that helps you receive online payment.

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A reliable payment gateway makes online transactions secure and quick.

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Here are 10 things for you to consider in choosing the best payment gateway for you.

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Receive payment anywhere with Luby Pay

Sell Smart Way

Online payment gateways help small and medium scale business as well as freelancers to Accepting payments, with or without a website

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Shopping Cart

If you own a website, whether a shopping cart platform, or custom developed using web platform, our plugins are easy to integrate!

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Apps & System

For our advance user out there with expertise like no other, developing your own web and mobile apps, our API are ready for integration.

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Luby Pay Packages

For merchants registration

$100 / yr


  • Register and start receiving payment via FPX internet banking, credit or debit card.
$700 / yr


  • Lowest transaction charges, 1.8% for credit/debit card for high transaction volume.